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Frequently asked questions

How long does the design process last?

Design Timeline is dependent on service rendered. Typically branding strategy takes 2-3 weeks. While Web and Branding services can range from 3-6 weeks. The length of projects is contigent on the client being able to given timely feedback and provide needed content.

What design platform do you currently use?

WIX and Wordpress are my design platofrms of choice. I design majority of my sites on WIX due to the ease of transfer and the ability for my clients to use the websites worry free of making updates. For clients looking for more complex sites Wordpress is recommended. We will discuss your goals and recommend the options that best suit your needs.

What about payment plans?

Yes, we can setup a payment plan to help you accomplish your design goals.

What happens after my design project is completed?

Well, I will just say I'm traveling the road with you. All of my design clients can schedule single projects through their client portal at anytime after the first design project is completed.

What do I need to start the project?

There are a few things needs to start: 1.Professional Photography- I can recommend a connected phtotographer 2.Content- All the information you would like shared on your site or design 3.Hosting of your choice (this will be discussed during our time together)